Equip Nations Online Bible School (OBS)

The purpose of Equip Nations Online Bible School (OBS) is to provide fun resources for Christians of every age. We want to see Christians equipped and grow in maturity through solid, sound biblical teaching, so that they can shine brightly and glorify our Father in heaven.


Enjoy listening to wonderful, wise teaching. 

Be blessed 💥

1. Equip Nations Events

13 – 14 November 2020

We invited Greg and Michelle Haswell (USA) to teach at our first-ever EquipNations conference. They shared on:

  1. Soul tending – how to lead your life wisely as a leader.
  2. The two most important doctrines to build a sound, strong, fruitful church.

Hope you enjoy!



2. Nordic Prophetic Network Events

Nordic Prophetic Network (NPN)  invited 4 prominent prophets from Europe in 2019. 

Listen to their inspiring and challenging messages.

Dr. Sharon Stone prophetic event 7. january evening Næstved Bykirke

Tomi & Tobi Sunday 20. okt.

Emma Stark part 1

Emma Stark part 2

Emma Stark part 3

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